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Quest & Able's Flying Company is a co-operative tabletop Role Playing Game (RPG). You must work together as a team of college students (and their professor) who crash-landed en-route to a nuclear power plant in who-knows-where thanks to their Pilot's unfortunate and untimely inebriation from who-knows-what, leading to a crash.

Continue reading if you'd like to find out more, but first just know: This unfortunate and cynical RPG requires 5-7 players, a D6 dice, a D10 dice, fast thinking, good imagination, and a bit of luck - If you don't have all of these, you're bound to be doomed from the start. Good luck.

Published Mar 20, 2017
CategoryPhysical game


The Rules 89 kB
Character Sheets/Release Forms 867 kB
The Debrief 38 kB
Who-Knows-Where Sheet 806 kB

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